Review of

1 12 2010

Well, I have finally recovered after running and putting together the ASICS UKSEM. This was Europe’s largest Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference held at ExCeL between 24th and 26th November. A fantastic gathering of some of the most challenging and inspirational speakers along with over 550 delegates. The feedback from the event continues to stream in from across the world and it was fantastic to catch up with freinds and colleagues and share discussions and learn new things.

Highlights for me certainly included Lord Sebastian Coe on some very practical messages about sport and exercise medicine and Michael Kjaer from University for Copenhagen  with a fantastic summary of where the evidence lies in current tendon treatment ( There are many ‘experts’ on this condition but few who are actually researching in the condition and can give 1st hand knowledge and interpretation.) We were delighted that Mr Raymond Verhaijen was able to make it across and challenge many with his views on periodisation in football, and from feedback he would be welcomed back as part of a panel on football conditioning in the future. Professor Paul McCrory from Melbourne gave an entertaining gallop through exercise medicine and the conundrums that we face in prescribing exercise, while Dr John Searle gave a history of gym instructor to personal trainer. We were unfortunate not to see Charlotte Ord who sustained injury but were given a thorough background in conditioning by the trimuruvate of Kelvin Giles, Vern Gambetta and Frans Bosch led by home grown talent Nick Grantham giving  clear and challenging advice regarding training programme design.

The 5 in 5 exercise for kids programme took the Conference and the BBc by storm with some excellent coverage on BBC Breakfast and beyond


More to come




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