Good start to 2011

22 01 2011

Well it has been a productive start to 2011 both personally and with the Centre for Human Performance, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. We have a large programme for the year and it has started already, we are investigating the conundrum of Chronic Anterior and posterior Exertional compartment syndrome.  If you are aware of the literature on this  you will be aware there are no pathophysiological signs of compartment syndrome and it surely must be a misnomer….but where does the pain come from. Well we are studying a group of patients with both conditions and using 3d Kinematics and EMG technology to  see if we can alleviate their symptoms with a comprehensive running retraining programme over 1 week in patient stay … Further more we have a prospective study looking at correlation between a new Questionnaire HELP8, to differentiate for  causes of exertional limb pain, along with a massive 5000 patient trial for plantar pressure data.

With respect to the groin we are looking at  the shear force across pelvis and muscle instability in patients with non hip pathology groin pain, and also the action of gluteus medius and TFL in Iliotibial band syndrome – it may well be laxity not tightness, read my paper last year for the background,

In terms of gait we are addressing the  muscle activation patterns and stability in patients who have lost their limbs through traumatic amputation and also the locomotory Index and RER costs of their ambulation, much nonsense has been written about this and we hope to benefit the rehabilitation process significantly.

One thing we have learnt in the last few years is the building blocks of exercise really need to be well drilled and these movement skills are now part of our inpatient assessment and discharge, giving  objective data on function, program development and homework — we have seen a a real benefit and will publish the results soon.


On an Elite sport basis their is a need to recognise these skills early on and I continue to work on a system for Rugby Union incorporating coaching cues, coaches and warm ups , with reference to the excellent FIFA-11 programme and its injury prevention. I recently spoke at Warwick school to the  Heads of Sport from HMC School at an RFU Elite Rugby day and  was impressed by the engagement and feedback on the need to incorporate these skills back into warm up and training drills, further to this I was asked by NIKE to attend the Performance SPARQ summit in the UK and again their is real recognition of athletic development and talent ID – things I remain passionate about.

I continue to see mainly professional footballers for second consultations on groin pain and utilise biomechanical imagery and rehabilitation pogrammes to make an objective recovery plan not aided by surgery! Although I am not seeing public private patients at present due to workload.


Now to UKSEM, we have a fantastic programme lined up which we will be able to announce in the next few weeks and it again is at ExCeL, London 23-26th November and we have on offer an early bird discount of £300 in total for the 4 full days of dual programme with over 50 workshops to choose from. Great Academic prizes for posters and oral presentations and we will have a great exhibition with the worlds leading manufacturers and institutions. Take a look at last years videos if you attended at


I have also taken over as the Education chair of BASEM, and we will be announcing great member online learning opportunities with  podcasts, blog and discounts for membres in the revised website which will be launched inthe next 2 weeks- Check it our soon, and if you are not a member you get the BJSM for free and also a CPD education programme to boot!

Finally I have been appointed to the Board of the Institute of Sports and Exercise Medicine and also an associate editor to the British Journal of Sports Medicine – truly honoured by both






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23 01 2011

Sounds like a very exciting year. Good luck

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