Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller

Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller is a Sports Physician based in London, UK and Academic fellow at  the University of Melbourne. His specialist interests are  the diagnosis of groin pain is pushing boundaries in biomechanical asessment of groin pain, myofascial and muscle injury therapy along with research into lower limb injury prevention.

He has expertise in the physiological preparation and recovery of athletes from high level performance including the use of Altitude training to accelerate recovery from injury. He is a strong believer in early injury prevention and is an advocate of the development of athletic competencies from childhood beingthe fundamental building blocks of injury prevention, often lacking in elite level performers.

Current research into accelerated recovery from muscle injury, myofascial pain and also the development of athletic competence. Please contact us if you have any ideas on collaboration for future research.

Andy is looking forward to  the publication of Clinical Sports Anatomy, McGraw Hill Australia in early 2010 his first book.


3 responses

4 10 2010
Al Tapia

Your AP article comments on beet juice were very interesting. You probably receive many suggestions on increasing endurance and shortening recovery times. Please review information on my web site pertaining to redox signaling molecules and the role it plays in doing just that. Comments from someone of your stature would be greatly appreciated… Best regards, Al.

26 11 2010
Paula Pearson

I saw your interview on Breakfast TV today about the ‘5 in 5’ exercises, and would be interested to know more about your views on PE lessons and Fundamental Movement Skills as applied to the UK.
Is the government commissioning your advice at all?

1 12 2010

For all seeking news about 5 in 5 can I direct you to http://www.movement dynamics.com in the short term and that more comprehensive information will soon be available

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