Placenta treatment

21 11 2009

Look, you may have read in the news about a treatment for acute muscle and ligament injuries being offered in Belgrade by a “housewife” purported to cure in record times. Whilst we would all like influence recovery as quickly as possible modern medicine has widely accepted regulations regarding
I. Use of blood products due to infection risk
ii. The need to demonstrate efficacy in a clinical trial
Now some may argue this limits the pave of science, while others argue that at the elite end of sport it does not matter as a fractional improvement means success
I would argue in the treatment of my patients, who want and indeed deserve the best, that I would never use a treatment without clear evidence of it’s safety, mechanism of action and risk. To date non of this information is available and as such cannot be recommended


Big day for Brawn

16 11 2009

Hello world!

16 11 2009

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